11th – 13th November 2024


Creating the business case for a culture of care, happiness, and belonging

What does having a positive workplace culture mean to you? Well, it can mean many different things to different organisations. To Event Buyers Live and StandOut Multimedia, a purposefully planned and executed workplace culture fosters trust and honesty, reinforces healthy lifestyles, encourages social connection, boosts satisfaction, and creates a sense of belonging. But it’s an ongoing and evolving journey, which takes dedication and commitment.

At StandOut Multimedia, we value open conversations, positive reinforcement, and personal growth, and we support our team members in their endeavours with positive leadership and supportive procedures and processes.

A positive attitude towards team welfare, mental health, and workplace culture leads to increased employee/team engagement.

The positive effects that this can have on an organisation are well documented. A happy and cared for workforce = better business results.


Mental Health UK

Event Buyers Live is proud to support and partner with Mental Health UK as our ongoing charity partner. In 2022, we raised just under £4,000 for the charity.

We are ongoing supporters and promoters of mental health within our own organisation and the wider events industry.

Event Buyers Live’s education and wider events programme has welfare, wellbeing, and mental health good practices at its heart. Our content provides attendees with best practice advice and support that can be replicated at home, in your place of work, and on event sites. Plus, our NetWalks encourage everyone to get outside, enjoy nature, and get some fresh air.


A culture of belonging

The concept of what makes a thriving culture has evolved, but one thing has remained consistent – team members want to feel they belong, regardless of their position or work location. Appointing a wellbeing officer – Janine Walmsley – enables our organisation to meet both the expectations of our guests and team members.

Wellbeing starts on day one. A warm welcome on-site can be expected from our friendly team and fellow guests. As a team, we encourage new employees and guests to adopt healthy habits (fresh air, what did you learn, staying safe, etc.) and support positive behaviours. This is why our NetWalks are so welcoming, effective, and greatly received.

We strive and encourage our guests and team members to utilise the 1,000-acre site, wellness spa and hotel’s on-site swimming pool and leisure facilities. We build free time into everyone’s agenda to promote wellbeing and we offer access to a quiet room, vegan and locally sourced food (all dietary requirements catered for) and provide free drinking water because it is so important to keep hydrated.


Everyone is included

We understand that to feel included, you must feel valued and accepted without reservation. When employees/guests feel included, they are not only more likely to stay but also experience higher levels of productivity, all of which are beneficial.


Feeling welcome

What makes a thriving workplace culture has dramatically changed, but one thing has remained consistent – we want everyone to feel welcome and belong.

Digital tools play a huge role in our daily lives, but people crave, need, and prefer to interact with humans. We, therefore, do not advertise/promote a virtual meeting option as part of EBL’s delegate marketing but can arrange for digital meetings (upon request).


Establish a sense of psychological safety

It’s critical to have a sense of connection and community to remain engaged. Fostering relationships helps establish and maintain a sense of psychological safety and wellbeing. We’re here to help and can create an itinerary that can accommodate your individual needs.



Each employee/team member treats their colleagues and fellow #Eventprofs with dignity and respect, in accordance with the event’s and StandOut Multimedia’s values. We fight against all forms of discrimination, promote the social and professional inclusion of all people, and treat all employees, team members, and guests equally and with respect.