13th – 15th November 2023


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``One of the best industry events going. A great opportunity to meet new suppliers and other organsiers.``
Managing director – NW Live
``Brilliant event. Fantastic staff and an amazing networking opportunity. Definitely worth a trip!``
Business development executive – Halo Solutions
``Event Buyers Live is a truly fantastic event for event organisers and suppliers alike. Meaningful meetings with suppliers are surrounded by interesting talks and roundtable discussions as well as some fantastic dinners that allow networking with fellow organisers and suppliers in a relaxed setting.``
Project manager – RHS
``Event Buyers Live 2022 was a fantastic opportunity to meet with so many great minds within the industry, and something I would highly recommend to suppliers in live events.``
Client development – Five Star Group
``It was our first time attending EBL and we were not disappointed. Brilliant organisation both pre and during the show and it was a fantastic opportunity to meet and network with many of the key players in the event industry.``
Director – Silent Noize Events
``Event Buyers Live is a great opportunity to be inspired through talks, industry networking, and new contractor options.``
Managing director – We Out Here
``The team at EBL put on a brilliant event. It was engaging, informative, and a great opportunity to meet new suppliers and organisers within the event industry. I would highly recommend the event!``
Production manager – LimeLight Sports
Event Buyers Live is now a staple event in my calendar and is something I look forward. It is a great opportunity to meet contractors/suppliers that you would not normally think of speaking to or catching up with contractors that you haven't spoken to in a while. One of the highlights for me at Event Buyers Live is the opportunity to catch up with event organisers and catch up about the year we have had and how we can all help each other moving into 2023 and beyond. Event Buyers Live is a must for any event organiser or contractor. I can honestly not recommend it enough.
Operations manager – The Game Fair
``The event was great - I really enjoyed it! It was great to meet other event organisers and hear their experiences, to meet suppliers face to face. Discussing requirements was a lot easier and more efficient than the traditional email or call. The roundtable sessions I really enjoyed and were super useful. I learnt lots and got lots of new supplier contacts and connections.``
Operations manager – Running High Events
``Fantastic event. A great place to do business and meet new suppliers, as well as hearing industry insights.``
Director – Cuffe and Taylor
``We found our time at Event Buyers Live to be extremely productive. We came armed with a shopping list of infrastructure and services needed for our 2023 events, and most of our meetings were fruitful. It was a great way to meet new suppliers and catch up with fellow organisers – the beautiful setting and top-notch catering were just a bonus!``
Director – Method Events
``EBL consistently delivers exceptional networking and knowledge sharing for the key movers and shakers of the event industry.``
Managing director – Richmond Event Management
``Event Buyers Live is the most useful event we attend all year. It is great to have an opportunity to sit down with suppliers and discuss our projects in detail. The workshops and roundtable discussions are informative, and I always come away with new information and ideas. It's also a lot of fun and a great opportunity to meet other people in the industry.``
Director Green Man/Plantpot
``It was my first experience attending event buyers live and I found it an excellent opportunity to meet potential clients in the industry. What sets it apart from other networking events is that the set meetings are with buyers who have chosen to meet us, meaning we could really have good conversations about how we may be able to support them as a business.``
Event sales consultant – PKL Group
``Event Buyers Live is an amazing event to network, discuss, and engage with like-minded professionals. Whilst also having fun and a few drinks in between! It is a brilliant event which gives you the chance to meet new people and suppliers, whilst attending discussions and workshops for the key items affecting our world at the time. I would highly recommend it to anyone!``
City events manager – Culture Liverpool
``An excellently run event that is a must-attend for event organisers and buyers wanting to meet new suppliers.``
Group managing director of Identity Group
``A great event! A chance to network with colleagues from across the industry and meet some exciting suppliers. The time spent gives us the opportunity to improve what we do. Definitely a worthwhile time for event organisers looking to deliver their best. ``
Founder and director – The Event Cooperative
Event Buyers Live is a great event organised by event experts. There is an enthusiastic, relaxed but professional atmosphere to the whole event, and we’ve gained new contacts we would never have met otherwise. We would definitely attend again!
Director – Style Brands Marketing
``Event Buyers Live is an excellent event that gives the opportunity to meet new suppliers, discuss industry issues with peers and network and socialise with people from across the event industry in a well organised and managed setting. ``
Managing director – Dock Street Events
``This is our third year at Event Buyers Live and for us, we believe it is the best event to gain new clients. The event team go above and beyond to deliver this – they are also great company on the event itself. We are looking forward to attend in 2022! ``
The Event and Exhibition Partnership
``We were very impressed. An extremely well-planned and organised event and a team that are totally focused on supporting all attendees, ensuring a remarkably productive and interesting couple of days. A blend of fast-paced but highly-focused meet the buyer/supplier rounds with more relaxed networking opportunities, informative and interesting panels and discussions, and plenty of chances to reconnect with friends and colleagues in the industry. Inspired! ``
Finance and marketing director – Symphotech
``Event Buyers Live is where we pick up ideas from other organisers, meet suppliers we haven’t come across before, make connections and do business. It's a place of innovative ideas and simply THE place to be if you're in the world of events. ``
Director of fun – Shropshire Festivals
``Event Buyers Live was a fantastic opportunity to network and meet people within the industry. A showcase for the industry! It was great for business and morale to meet people in person, all of whom have a passion to make events great and bring the industry back bigger and better. ``
City events manager – Culture Liverpool
``Event Buyers Live is like the epicentre of the events industry. The team behind EBL create the environment to do business; formal and informal. This event is also the place where the industry comes together to discuss challenges and the future of the industry. ``
Head of operations at WOMAD, and founder of Ops People
``Event Buyers Live was an excellent opportunity to reconnect face to face with the wider events sector, share the trauma of the last 18 months (COVID) and plan for a better future. Excellent sessions, speakers, and a great energy. ``
Director – SC Productions
``Event Buyers Live gave a great opportunity to meet key buyers in the industry all under one roof. It was great to know every meeting was going to be positive and that both parties felt a need and want to meet. Made for very productive discussions.``
``I have been to Event Buyers Live five times and try to ensure it’s booked in the calendar in advance, as it is a great experience. The EBL team are lovely organisers to be around. Always a pleasure and an event I highly recommend attending!``
Founder – AMT Events
``Event Buyers Live provides a great environment for organisers to connect with suppliers and make meaningful and worthwhile connections, as well as a great place for the events community to network.``
Production director – Wasserman
``It was Site Events first time attending Event Buyers Live, and we were not quite sure what to expect. From the moment we arrived, we were extremely impressed at what a slick operation the event was. All the meetings were with high quality individuals, some of which we have been trying to speak to for years. Only a few weeks after the event we are close to securing work which came directly from EBL, which is a fantastic result. ``
Director – Site Event
``This was my first time at Event Buyers Live. I was really impressed with the way the event was put together. There were great opportunities to network, and I made some really good contacts. I hope to be working with them all in the next year.``
Head of events – Pico In Creative UK
``A well organised event that delivers year after year!``
Client director – Tysers
``A really useful and enjoyable couple of days. Some very interesting industry discussions and I made some useful and valuable connections for the future. ``
Senior production manager – Identity
``I would recommend Event Buyers Live as a great way of meeting people to discuss issues, find new suppliers, and generally have an opportunity to discuss problems and solutions with your peers. It was also a great deal of fun!``
Event organiser – Black Deer Festival
``I just wanted to say, thank you so much for organising. We have exhibited at plenty of exhibitions and this has been the slickest, most well-organised one we have ever been to. Especially with the COVID element, I thought you handled that challenge extremely well! I don't know why it took us so long to be there. Wish we had done it sooner!``
Director – Site Event
``Event Buyers Live is a great event for networking and developing new and existing relationships. Thanks for organising! We look forward to next year.``
Cube Modular
``If you want the opportunity to meet suppliers face to face and build some great contacts, then I recommend Event Buyers Live.``
Events manager – Goose Live Events
``Having attended all Event Buyers Live events, the team staged, for us the most valuable event to date. Both suppliers and organisers were of great quality and there to network with genuine interest. Well done team and see you next time!``
Managing director – Versatile Venues
``Event Buyers Live is a great networking opportunity!``
Evolution Dome
``Unlike so many other networking events, this event is run with event professionals in mind, and I have found several trusted suppliers. Keep it up guys! ``
Managing director – Julia Charles Event Management
``The roundtable discussions and networking opportunities exposed me to new ideas, initiatives, and unique ways of tackling core issues at the heart of our events. Thanks to the wonderful EBL staff for being so accommodating.``
Director – Wild Paths Festival
``Event Buyers Live gave us the opportunity to connect in person with friends and new faces. Collaboration and innovation were at the heart of all conversations and the conference was a great way to focus time while growing our knowledge base and discussing ways to improve our business. It was great to be involved.``
Production and logistics manager – Limelight Sports
``Event Buyers Live is my go-to networking event. Nothing gets even close.``
Director – Eventxperts
``It was brilliant to be involved with Event Buyers Live and to meet with so many likeminded professionals, all with the common goal of continuing to improve and evolve our industry. Being able to be a part of the collaborative discussions and hear from experienced speakers, is really valuable, as we look to continue to grow and improve our business.``
Head of operations – Limelight Sports
``The best professional/trade event I've ever been to. I feel pleased and privileged to have been invited. The meetings, roundtables and presentations were all top class and the event organisation second to none. Well done team EBL.``
Event project director – TBI Media
``The wide variety of industry peers who attend allows for a great knowledge-sharing and networking experience. I have left each event with deeper, more valuable relationships – with existing and new contacts – that have really made the difference on the event sites we operate on. ``
Managing director – Richmond Event Management
``Another fantastic event meeting new suppliers and networking with new and old organisers.``
Director – Brighton Boundary
“Event Buyers Live is always a well organised and slick event. It’s packed with interesting speakers and discussions, and the opportunity to network with a whole range of industry contacts all under one roof!”
Onsite Event Services
``I had a ball at Event Buyers Live 2021. Great to meet people and suppliers, and also a fab opportunity to see some familiar faces after all the madness of 2020/21!! Looking forward to the next one!``
Production manager – Wilde Ones
``Relevant, engaging, informative and great fun. Better than many other ‘talking shops' and good use of my time.``
``Event Buyers Live not only allowed us access to some of the industry's top suppliers, but it gave us chance to network as event organisers and discuss relevant and interesting topics through roundtables and panels. It was a great opportunity to build some strong partnerships for our business and our events.``
Event director – We Organise Chaos
``Event Buyers Live has hit on a concept that is a stroke of genius. It's a very efficient use of time and continues to be a very beneficial way of meeting suppliers, other organisers, and industry professionals. I particularly enjoy the roundtable discussions and on top of all that, it's great fun. Keep up the good work!``
Director – 20-20 Events
``Event Buyers Live is a unique event like no other. The concept ensures you get to sit down and talk business straight away, with specific projects or events in mind. It’s fantastic and we will attend again next year. Neil and his team are so attentive and supportive throughout this complex event to ensure you get the most out of it.``
Founder and managing director – Blade Rigg
``Event Buyers Live is a great event to meet new and old event professionals who share similar experiences. EBL provides a platform to share ideas and discover new. It’s a quick and efficient way of meeting a number of suppliers in a short period of time – also cuts out millions of emails!``
Senior event manager – Cuffe and Taylor
``The only organiser/supplier event you have to attend. ``
Director – Motorshow Events
``Not only is it great for networking but informative roundtables have given me a clearer perspective around issues like sustainability and inclusion. Hugely important for event organisers or festival promoters for the future. A really positive environment to be a part of.``
Event organiser – Talking Box
``Fantastic event where vendors can meet with engaged buyers in an organised and structured format.``
``Event Buyers Live 2021 was brilliantly staged and organised after such a tumultuous time. It's a unique opportunity for organisers and suppliers to come together and share their thoughts and experiences while doing some real business.``
Director – Proud Events
``A great chance to reflect, rethink and exchange ideas.``
Events manager – Bournemouth University (Students Union)
``This was my first year attending Event Buyers Live and I loved every minute of it. It’s a must for an event organiser. It is an educational and productive two days. Already looking forward to next year.``
Operations manager – The Game Fair