`` Excellent event not only giving us the opportunity to talk to top-rate suppliers but provided networking facilities with other event organisers sharing best and worst practices! It's re-assuring to know that no matter how big or small we are all swans paddling furiously below the water-line! ``
Lechlade Music Festival
`` It was a fantastic show and your team should be very proud of what you achieved. I thought the business opportunities, calibre of contractor and targeted opportunities were fantastic. The speakers were superb and there’s always a little room in the old grey matter for us all to learn, I certainly did. There was also a great balance between formal and informal. ``
Redwood Events
`` It was amazing, so useful to have all those amazing people in one easy to access space. It’s like a dream for event managers. ``

Bear Grylls Survival Race
`` Just like any successful event, EBL was Informal, structured, professional, inspired and inspiring, fun, informative and without any waste of space or time. For those of us who feel independent… It let us know that we’re not isolated or alone. Fantastic support all round. ``
Public-I Group
`` This was the first time Carrier Rental Systems has attended such an event and for me, it was extremely worthwhile as I met people I have been trying to contact and others I hadn’t bargained on! All in all, an enlightening, interesting and valuable experience – well done to all at Stand Out and thank you! ``
Carrier Rental Systems
`` I’m sure most organisers would agree that blocking out two full days in the diary is far from easy. However, driving away from EBL I acknowledged it was a worthwhile use of my time. ``
Kili Live
`` My first time at Event Buyers live was very worthwhile. I met some good people who I hope to work with in the future and enjoyed both keynote speeches and roundtable discussions. I look forward to the next one! ``
Wilde Ones
`` I found EBL extremely helpful and informative, spending 25 minutes face-to-face with prospective suppliers was invaluable. I feel I have made some valuable new connections and relationships. ``
The Good Life Experience
`` First time, excellent quality introductions throughout, natural networking opportunities everywhere, well worth the time! ``
Kelham Hall
`` EBL is a great place to meet new suppliers all in one place and also a great forum to meet other event organisers. ``
Geestar Empire
`` We had a great couple of days at EBL17. A great networking opportunity to meet both existing and new clients. Well paced and organised meetings with organisations that actually want to hear about the service you provide. Thanks EBL team for a great event. ``
`` Event Buyers Live provided a great opportunity to open my mind to what is going on in the industry, to pick up ideas and make contacts too. Definitely worth a couple of days out of the office! ``
Bath University
`` EBL is a rock solid business event run by industry professionals for industry professionals, the organisation is second to none and this shines through in the communications prior to the event, the event itself and the communication post event. The chances for networking are huge and the buyers are of the very best quality from the events world! Keep up the good work guys! ``
Contemporary Event Structures
`` It was a first class gathering of fellow eventers with an outstanding offer of first-rate seminars and networking opportunities in a simply stunning venue. Well done to Event Buyers Live! ``
War and Peace Revival
`` Event Buyers Live is the most important networking event in my diary each year. The excellently managed and delivered event presents an unrivalled opportunity to engage with suppliers and industry professionals. Some of our best suppliers have been recruited through EBL and I’m delighted to have been involved. ``
Bournemouth 7’s
`` A fantastic event; lived up to the hype. ``
`` EBL17 provided a fantastic opportunity to network with likeminded organisers and link with suppliers. It is a must for any organisation looking to expand their supplier relationships or monitor trends in the industry. ``
`` This is my third year attending EBL and was by far my most productive. It is a great show and has improved year on year. A huge thank you to all of the team for organising a great event! ``
Event by Event
`` A great way to have dedicated meetings with a range of suppliers in one venue over a short space of time. ``
Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series
`` In a day and a half I attended more meetings than I would in several weeks or even months! I would certainly recommend EBL to other suppliers. ``
`` A great environment for a more natural networking opportunity and building supplier relationships. ``
Cult Agency
`` A well-planned and executed stage for event professionals to do business. A real sense of togetherness to help push the events industry forward. ``
Live Trackway
`` Once again the team from Event Buyers Live totally nailed it. They always over deliver and this year was no exception. ``
`` I enjoyed EBL – it was useful to meet some new contacts and see some familiar faces. I left having made a really useful contact for a large event project Im working on . Looking forward to next year. ``
`` The standard of the whole event and the quality of attendees was fantastic this year. We found the event thoroughly enjoyable, networked with some amazing companies and quality leads, which meant it was a fun-filled few days. ``
Europa International
`` The format is expertly designed to maximise networking opportunities, a really well organised two days, thank you to the EBL team. ``
Kent Event Centre
`` Once again great speakers and very well organised, thank you to all the team for making it seamless. ``
`` The event is the best networking event I have ever experienced and the team of organisers, every single person makes you feel special and important. ``
Eight Ray Music
`` For my first visit, this was a well organised and laid out event, hope you’ll invite us back again. ``
A New Day Festival
`` As an event organiser the event was invaluable in making new contacts, cementing ideas, networking and generally being outside the ‘office box’ to give time to think with like-minded people! ``
Shropshire Festivals
`` My first time with EBL and very impressed with their presentation and production all round. Quite inspiring. Well done and looking forward to more. ``
Chippenham Folk Festival
`` I was genuinely impressed by EBL. Compared to ILMC, IPM or the Event Production Show (stale and irrelevant) it struck the right chord between content and opportunity, whilst feeling fresh and relevant. You seem to have attracted the right buyers in order to attract the right suppliers. ``
Music Plus Sport
`` I will be recommending the event to all I speak to and would be very happy to chat further, as I think it is such a great format for event organisers. ``
Brand Events
`` EBL is a fantastically well organised and fun event; a really worthwhile use of 2 days out of the office with a potential for new business you wouldn’t necessarily have planned or predicted. ``
`` EBL was a great event and forum for swapping ideas, meeting new suppliers and keeping your finger on the pulse of the events industry. ``
`` I attended Event Buyers Live for the first time in 2017. I was very impressed by the event organisation, speakers and seminars. I found the format of meeting suppliers for set meetings a very effective way to discuss projects in greater detail than at other events. ``
Greenman Festival
`` An extremely well organised, professional event that is well worth the time out of the office. ``
Wealden Fair
`` I found this year EBL very useful, attended some very useful one to one meeting with possible new suppliers for this years festivals. Great networking time with conversations from such a wide range of activities, really got a lot out of it. Both the opening and closing keynote speakers gave very informative talks, which have help steer me in a different mind set for the year. ``
Cheltenham Festivals
`` The mix of seminars and supplier meetings was both balanced and relevant to my work. EBL provided me with a great opportunity to reflect upon the overall delivery of the festivals that I work on. ``
Metal Culture Village Festivals
`` The gala dinner provides an informal and fun continuation of the days networking. EBL is a highly recommendable event. ``
Fourth Generation
`` The EBL team are the best; attentive, caring and professional. ``
Agility Fairs & Events
`` EBL provided us with opportunities not only to meet new suppliers for existing events but for brand new events with new clients. We look forward to carrying this forward. ``
Commercial Heritage Consultancy
`` A really refreshing event. A great combination of networking opportunities and interesting suppliers. ``
IO Live
`` I attended as a speaker and I must say I have never attended a better-run event. I was managed from arrival to departure and I could not have asked for more. Thank you. ``
Hollywood Inc.
`` I have attended a couple of these forums in the past and this one, the quality of the seminars and speakers was the best I have ever seen. Pitched at just the right level, interesting stories, well chaired and I left feeling I have learnt a lot. ``
RDA Events
`` Great team pre and during event! Careful, polite, responsive. Very good standard selection of suppliers and buyers. a good event, among work and leisure. ``
Monica Bali Events

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