28th – 30th November 2022

Accessibility and Inclusion

Yes. The venue and all the areas used for EBL22 are fully accessible. More information can be found here. Please notify the event organiser via registration if you have any specific needs or requirements.

Yes. A member of the organising team or one of our industry ambassadors would be happy to provide assistance understanding the layout of EBL22. If you would like to discuss any personal assistance requirements, please get in touch and add your requirements to your registration details.

Yes. The venue has a number of fully accessible bedrooms.  Please inform the organising team and add your request to your registration details so that we can secure the best possible bedroom for you.

Yes. There is no additional charge for personal care assistants.  Advance booking is required. Please get in touch with the organising team to discuss your requirements further.

Yes. Your assistance dog is welcome to stay and attend EBL.

Yes. EBL22 can provide you with BSL interpretation throughout the event. Please let us know as soon as possible and provide details during event registration.

Some areas of the venue are fitted with a hearing loop. EBL22 can source further mobile hearing loops.

Yes. EBL will be providing a dedicated quiet space. Also, guests are welcome to go back to their hotel room to take time out.

Yes. We will do everything we can to make your experience comfortable and enjoyable, and we will personalise your itinerary. We also have a team of industry ambassadors who can assist you too. Some elements of EBL do involve large groups and larger spaces. If you would like to discuss your needs in confidence, please include your requests during the registration process. Your details are private and confidential. Please also speak with a member of the organising team so that we can support and help you with any specific needs.

Yes. The organising team and our industry ambassadors are on hand to provide support by making introductions and helping you connect with others. If a pre-event introduction to one of the team or fellow guest/s would be useful, please get in touch.  We personalise all itineraries and we can assign guests a “buddy”.  The event is also designed to assist in simple networking. We encourage pre-event networking.

Yes. A dedicated space is provided for prayer and contemplation. This is a designated “no work” space and all forms of communication must be switched off.  Guests can also utilise their own bedroom. We ask that you notify the event team of your needs so that we can build time into your itinerary and add to  your event experience.

Yes. Alcohol will be served at dinner and during evening networking sessions. However, it will be served alongside a range of high quality non-alcoholic drinks. If you would like us to provide assistance with alcohol free spaces or support from one of the organising team or ambassadors, please contact us.

Yes. Please review the basic timings sheet and agenda here.  To fully understand each element and to be walked through the event experience, please contact Neil Fagg, event director. He can be reached on 01795509113. He will answer any concerns, fears, or worries and will organise your specific requirements.

Structure of event

These are meetings held between organisers and up to two representatives from a supplier/contractor company. The meetings are held in a relaxed and comfortable setting (Carden Park’s Goldie’s Lounge and the main communal bar). Supplier meeting points are laid out to allow for privacy. Each meeting lasts 30 minutes. This is followed by a 15-minute break to allow time to grab a drink, visit the restroom, or  prepare for your next meeting . Background noise from meetings can get loud. As a general rule of thumb, noise levels can reach that of a busy restaurant.

These take place in a larger room with all guests present. In general, they feature a presentation from a speaker or panel followed by questions from the audience. Presentation materials are sometimes used on a large screen. The organiser and ambassadors can ask questions on behalf of audience members (if requested) and questions can also be submitted digitally and/or via paper.

These take place in a meeting room, which usually holds approx. 40-50 guests. A number of roundtable discussions take place at the same time on different tables. Each round table has a facilitator and up to 10 attendees. Background noise from discussions can be louder, but usually only 4-8 people should be talking at any one time.

A comfortable seated area is available in the main lobby of the hotel. The VIP lounge is a communal area and provides guests with an area to sit during free time (if stipulated in your itinerary or requested) to catch-up on work matters or simply have a break.

The dinner is held in a large formal space and attendees are mixed across tables to encourage information sharing and relationship building. Alcohol is served at this event and at the networking event that follows. Background noise can be at its loudest. If you need a specific table, area or you are not comfortable in this environment, alternatives can be arranged. Please notify the organising team and add your requirements to your registration profile.

Networking takes place across the event and throughout the venue. Attendees can use any suitable free space to meet other attendees. The badging system enables guests to easily exchange contact details, which are available post-event. Therefore, business cards are not essential.