11th – 13th November 2024

DEI Policy

Event Buyers Live is striving to deliver an event that is diverse and inclusive in every aspect.

Over the next three years, we have set objectives to help us achieve our aims. We will be evaluating and reporting on our delivery on diversity, equality, and inclusion each year.


Representation – EBL will aim to attract a diverse range of hosted buyers and suppliers. We want to reflect this in the attendees, events, and organisations they represent.

  • We will start to collect information about those who apply and attend.
  • We use data and evaluation to inform how and where EBL is promoted and to target invitations and promotions to drive a more diverse attendance.


We will ensure our programme both reflects and challenges diversity within the events industry.

  • Content will aim to highlight how the industry can improve its diversity and highlight examples.
  • Speakers, panelists, facilitators, and ambassadors will be sought from diverse backgrounds and supported to integrate diversity into their roles.


Access – EBL will aim to be fully accessible.

We will ensure information about the event is accessible to all, this includes our online and offline information and support.

  • The venue selected is fully accessible. For example, it will have accessible rooms, step-free access, and hearing loops.
  • Individual support will be offered on request and collected as part of the registration process, such as accessible rooms and BSL signing. Our at-event content will be fully accessible too. For example, our stage will have step-free access.


Inclusion – EBL will strive to be an inclusive space that enables all attendees to engage and benefit from the content and programme with equity.

  • The EBL team, speakers, panelists, facilitators, and ambassadors will be supported to ensure content, sessions, and roles create inclusive spaces.
  • Attendees will be provided with information about how and where each part of the event will be delivered allowing attendees to plan, prepare, and assess any additional support that they may need.
  • Content will be planned and designed that maximises the equity of engagement for attendees.
  • Spaces will be provided that allow attendees to exercise important personal choices and have their needs met. For example, spaces for quiet reflection or prayer, alcohol-free spaces, and additional buddy support for people who may feel vulnerable.