13th – 15th November 2023

The Event Buyers Live Experience

☑ Are you an event professional responsible for the procurement budget of live events?

☑ Is your diary free on the 13th – 15th November 2023?

☑ Do you value obtaining quotes and benchmarking new products, services and solutions for your events?

☑ Do you want to experience interactive, thought provoking workshops and seminars?

☑ Would you benefit from building/developing further relationships in the live events industry?


If so… Please complete an application to attend ‘The Event Buyers Live Experience’

The place to do business.

Event Buyers Live (EBL) is an annual event designed for event professionals.

EBL offers multiple opportunities to exchange best practices, network, and procure suppliers.

Branded as the ‘place to do business’, the EBL experience provides the ideal platform for live event professionals to share information and fulfill procurement needs productively.

Reviews, testimonials, and feedback from past attendees are available via our testimonials page. This gives an insight into the experiences of others and helps validate our overall reputation and quality.


13th – 15th  November 2023


Carden Park Hotel, Cheshire
(Exclusive to EBL Guests only)

Key features

Personalised itinerary

Personalised bespoke itinerary matched with your application to attend

Pre-arranged meetings

Pre-arranged, face-to-face meetings with your chosen suppliers to discuss upcoming events and industry requirements

Interactive seminars and workshops

Attend our educational sessions, workshops, and keynote speeches offered throughout the event.

All inclusive package

2 nights complimentary accommodation, meals and refreshments including a Gala dinner.

Will it cost me to attend? It sounds too good to be true!

EBL offers free attendance to individuals who secure suppliers for live event sites, as they are supported by our network of 45 suppliers. However, there is a limitation on the number of available positions for organisers, with only 100 spots reserved for those who meet the qualifying criteria.

EBL23 Timeline

Due to a high demand for EBL positions, we have a pre-event application process that must be completed. This determines the continued success of the event to ensure every attendee maximises their experience.

Register / Apply

Register / Apply

Join our waiting list and be the first to gain access to our application process when it goes live. Join the waiting list here
Applications reviewed


Applications are verified with a view of specific procurement needs and interests
Applications approved


Successful applications approved
Personalised Itineraries

Personalised Itineraries

Qualified applicants are able to prioritise suppliers, roundtables, and workshops for personalised itineraries
Itineraries Designed

Itineraries Designed

Itineraries are designed once registration closes and then released to successful applicants
Badge Collection / Check In

Badge Collection and Check In

13th November: Badge Collection and Check In to the ‘EBL Experience’
The Event

The Event

Follow your personalised itinerary inclusive of all supplier meetings, educational sessions, workshops, and keynote speeches. This is a personalised ‘organiser meets supplier’ event and not a trade show, inclusive of an organisers welcome dinner, 2 nights’ accommodation, netwalks and gala dinner.
Badge Return / Check Out

Badge Return and Check Out

15th November : Badge Return and Check Out